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Kawah Buku, your independent bookstore in Bangi, Malaysia, isn’t just about selling books—it’s about fostering a love for reading and nurturing creativity. Not only do we curate a diverse selection of books, but we’re also crafting new stories.

“To create today means to create dangerously. Every publication is a deliberate act, and that act makes us vulnerable to the passions of a century that forgives nothing.” – Albert Kamus

Albert Camus, in his lecture “Create Dangerously,” argued that true art confronts the present moment. We, at Kawah Buku, share this belief. As a Malaysian publisher focused on social sciences, we believe books are powerful tools to challenge assumptions and spark critical thinking.

We publish books that provoke thought, self-reflection, and engagement with the complexities of our world. Our titles target scholars, students, and anyone seeking to understand the social landscapes we navigate. We go beyond mere publication.

We believe books have the power to ignite personal growth and inspire action, regardless of genre. Whether you’re seeking thought-provoking social science studies or captivating works of fiction, our titles will empower you to question, analyze, and create positive change. Join us in this vibrant exploration of ideas.

We are your Malaysian source for thought-provoking and insightful social science books.

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